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I’m at a very fancy restaurant with my bosses and we’re talking internet dating and I have quinoa stuck in my cavity

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Gjógv, Faroe Islands


Gjógv, Faroe Islands

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I like my women how I like my drinks - soft.

I really don’t want to live here anymore.

on a very personal note, my brothers ex girl just had her baby and I’m so happy for her. this woman’s 1year old child died in her arms due to our faulty genetics, three months later my brother passed because of his bad heart and she found him, and a little after that her mother passed from cancer, all in one year.

three years later, she’s raising my nephew as best as she can and she doesn’t let him forget his dad or his family on “the other side”. her baby girl is beautiful and I know my brother is happy for her too.

thought of the day:

can a person driving a hearse get into the carpool lane when transporting someone?


also, my boss emailed me asking me to come in early tomorrow bcus the VP of marketing for the company is treating her and I lunch and that we’re going to discuss my future and I am nervous as heck


I took a walk during lunch today.

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Ethio Song by Amen Dunes

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amor mío


Grouper - Come Softly

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pinches gringos un dia me van a matar de un coraje

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